• Proizvodnja šinskih vozila i druge transportne opreme
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  • PIB: 100334518
  • Matični broj(ID num.): 07402350
  • Adresa (Address)
  • Šumadijska br. 1, 18000 Niš

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MIN LOKOMOTIVA is a company dealing with overhaul and production of rail vehicles. It was formed from a railway workshop, founded in 1884, immediately after the construction of the railway line Belgrade - Niš and it is one of the oldest companies in the field of maintenance, repair, and production of railway vehicles.

Today it has been trained for overhaul and technical improvement of tractive railway vehicles for railway and industrial traffic.

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The buildings and the land of the company MIN LOKOMOTIVA DOO are located in the
western part of the city of Niš, near the main railway station, the main road E75 and the
main road Nis-Dimitrovgrad. The industrial track is connected to the railroad of Serbian Railways, which is on the corridor 10.
Production and business facilities, railways, roads, built-in installations for the supply of basic energy sources (electricity, water, gas) as well as heating installations, compressed air, external and internal hydrant network installations, technical water installations and lightning protection installations make very favorable infrastructure of MINLOKOMOTIVA.


MIN LOKOMOTIVA DOO is located in the central part of the city of Niš, located at the intersection of important Balkan and European traffic routes. The main road leading from the north, from the direction of Belgrade, is bifurcated in Niš to the south towards Macedonia and Greece and to the east towards Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Middle East. From Nis, the routes to the northeast (towards Romania) and to the southwest (towards Montenegro) are separated, making NIš and MIN LOKOMOTIVA DOO, along with the airport, easily accessible from all directions.


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Our main activity is overhaul. production of rail vehicles, as well as the production of special parts for rail vehicles.

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The process of overhaul and production takes place in specialized workshops, which are equipped with the necessary equipment for general and special purposes, modern measuring technology, various devices and appliances, as well as probes for checking the functionality of complex assemblies and vehicles, which, with the quality staff structure of employees, enables high quality repair and modernization services for rail vehicles.

Adress: Šumadijska 1, 18000 Niš
Activity code: 3317
Ownership form: A limited liability company
PIB: 100334518; Identification number: 07402350
RSD account: 375-0000000004605-60
Foreign currency account: 375-1101200001123-53, API AD BANK BELGRADE